Here you can find a selection of recipes for every occasion. We are lucky enough to interview the country’s leading chefs, so as well as great dishes from local restaurants, you can find some of their favourites below too!

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    Shallot Tarte Tatin

    A savoury twist on the classic French apple tart, this makes an excellent lunch or supper with a simple green salad and some good sharp cheese (goat’s or other). If you don’t have the rightsized ovenproof frying pan, transfer the cooked shallots to a small greased pie dish or shallow cake tin before topping with […]

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    Chicken Pie

    Rosemary Shrager’s Chicken Pie recipe is the perfect antidote to winter blues – warm and comforting, it’s sure to warm your soul and belly! Chicken & Potato Pie    “This is my famous chicken and potato pie, which I’ve made countless times. It’s my family’s favourite dish and if I had to choose a last […]

  • Christmas Gingerbread

    Christmas Gingerbread

    Baking cookies for the festive period is wonderful – whether to wow your guests or as an activity with the kids. There are two options when it comes to icing these cookies, and you can decide which you prefer depending on the desired outcome. If you want a professional looking cookie like ours pictured, you […]

  • Butternut Salad

    Butternut Salad

    This beautiful recipe is part of Riverford Organic’s beautiful new book of Autumn and Winter veg. This delicious salad pairs the sweet earthiness of the seasonal squash with the crunch of pumpkin seed and the tang of goat cheese.  butternut, red onion and pumpkin seed saladserves 4 as a side Pair the sweetness of butternut […]

  • Rabbit Paella

    Rabbit Paella

    This fabulous dish comes from Phil Vickery’s wonderful book of game recipes.   I once had this dish over a lazy Sunday lunchtime in Spain some years ago with the family. In fact, it was so good I asked the chef for the recipe, and here it is. It has such a depth of flavour, […]

Tempting Puddings

Can we tempt you with these stunning puds? Sweet tooth or not, why not browse our fab recipes! 


Perfect Supper Dishes

Need a comforting dinner that won’t have you slaving over the stove? Take a look at these wonderful dishes.