Achieve Princess Eugenie’s Royal Wedding Hair Look

Achieve Princess Eugenie’s Royal Wedding Hair Look

A step by step guide on how to create Princess Eugenie’s elegant royal wedding day hair from Gorka Arraras, Creative Director at Charles Worthington Salons.

Step 1: The Royal Wedding hair look is a soft-waved, low-deconstructed chignon bun.

Step 2: The hair is set either in rollers or tongued and then pinned to set the curls.

HairStep 3: The front is separated from the back.

Step 4: The back is backcombed on the crown area and pinned into the lower nape.

Step 5: The remaining curls are softly put up, creating a soft romantic and relaxed chignon.

Step 6: The Royal Tiara is placed on top of the parting of the hair.

Step 7: Lastly, with the front of the hair that has been curled, brush the hair softly and sweep the sides of the hair up adding that relaxed and effortless look.

Step 8: The overall look is very timeless, the classy hair up compliments her face shape and breaks up the simplicity of the dress.

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