Christmas Cheese Leftovers

Saint Agur Shares its top tips for making the most of your Christmas Cheese Leftovers

Cheese has long been at the centre of Christmas celebrations, with the highly anticipated cheese board often given just as much thought as the main course itself. Once Christmas is over, and you’re left with a bit too much cheese in your fridge than you know what to do with, Saint Agur is here to save the day with some handy top tips for making the most of your leftovers!  Certifying that cheese is not just for the board, the creamy, French blue cheese is also a versatile, tasty and easy to incorporate ingredient that will work for every meal in that ‘what day is it again?’ period between Christmas and New Year, as well as for New Year’s Eve party canapes

A unique blue cheese with a soft, creamy texture, Saint Agur – available both as a wedge and in Crème format – is perfect not only as an introduction to blue cheese for those seeking something without the strength or bitterness of Stilton, but also as an ingredient or seasoning that can used much more freely within cooking due to its milder flavour.

The salty, buttery and ever-so-slightly spicy taste lends itself well as a flavour enhancer to a variety of dishes. Taking mashed potato to another level to exciting canapes, Saint Agur is encouraging you to get creative in your kitchen and discover the endless ways in which blue cheese can be enjoyed.


Saint Agur’s top tips for leftover cheeseboards

Use the leftovers from your cheese board to make a simple, old school savoury dish. Simply spread sourdough bread with Saint Agur, mill over black pepper and toast under the grill – a brilliant New Year’s Day treat!

  • Mix a wedge of Saint Agur with 150g crème fraiche and 150g mayonnaise to make a delicious dip for leftover roast potatoes that will see you through the period between Christmas and New Year. It’s also great accompaniment to crisp chicken wings!
  • Take a wedge of Saint Agur and mash it up with one whole egg, a crack of black pepper, a spoonful of Dijon mustard and a splash of chilli sauce to make a tangy, creamy spread; perfect for smothering on toast and grilling for a twist on traditional Welsh Rarebit when you can’t stomach anymore turkey.
  • Crème de Saint Agur works as a great garnish without having to do anything to it. Serve it with a grilled pork chop, marinated with rosemary and garlic, for an added umami kick.
  • Wrap a cooked asparagus tip and a dab of Saint Agur in a spring roll wrapper, then bake or fry until crisp for the ultimate New Year’s party nibble bound to tickle your guests’ tastebuds.
  • Upgrade a simple shepherd’s pie by mixing Saint Agur and chopped parsley into coarsely mashed potato – the ultimate winter warmer.

For more information on Saint Agur cheeses, please visit their website.