Enbridge House – Where Caring Matters

Enbridge House Care Home is one of the last remaining small, privately owned homes in Newbury and surrounding area. 

In recent years it seems we are moving away from the small, homely care homes and moving on to build very big, almost hotel style facilities for the elderly infirm. 

The concern with this, is we are now putting too much weight on offering facilities that the elderly do not want, i.e. cinema rooms, hair salons, bars and games rooms. Are there really that many over 80s/90s who can no longer care for themselves but still go to the cinema and play pool down the pub? 

The emphasis must be on the care that is being provided by the home, how long the staff have been there and how qualified they are. 

Enbridge House has been running for 27 years and stays full due to it’s reputation for excellent care. The staff have been trained by the home owner Mandy Plumb (RGN) who was a senior ward sister on Orthopedics at Basingstoke hospital until 1987 when she left to have a family. All the staff are trained in Health and Social Care minimum level 2, some of the staff have gone on to further their education and have achieved level 3 and 4. All staff have been employed by Enbridge House for longer than five years and no agency staff are used, as the owners feel that continuity of care is of the utmost importance and where intimate care is required, the same staff applying it is paramount for trust and dignity. 

The residents are very dear to the owners and staff and are like extended family. The team are very experienced and have a great extent of expertise in the care of the elderly. All staff are trained in Dementia awareness and End of Life.

CareThe lifestyle at Enbridge House is very laid back, residents rise in the mornings at a time of their choice and go to bed at the end of the day also at a time of their choice. The resident hairdresser visits on a Tuesday and the Day Room becomes busy with ladies and gents socialising whilst having a shampoo and set, or for the gents a hair trim.

Enbridge House does not offer group activities. This has been tried in the past and the general consensus of the residents was that they found it all a bit patronising. Quite often companies will visit to perform plays or sing, but this is not well received. Enbridge House encourage the elderly to carry on asthey would in their own homes and findthis is what makes people happy. Some ladies still like to knit whilst others listen  to their talking books or the radio. Large piece puzzles are always popular. The staff spend afternoons doing foot spas and manicures which the residents very much enjoy and it also is a good time for the team to actually sit and chat to the residents. Sometimes in big Care Homes these small personal things cannot be part of the agenda due to the numbers of residents, resources can be stretched.

So when looking for a Care Home for a loved one, try not to be seduced by the 5 star entrance hall and the social facilities, because as younger people looking on behalf of older people you must choose carefully and for the right reasons.

For more information on Enbridge House Care Home, please click here or here to visit their website.


Church Road, Woolton Hill
Newbury, Berkshire RG20 9XQ Telephone: 01635 254888 www.enbridgehouse.co.uk