Harry Potter Lex-Go + Competition!

Lex-GO! is one ‘L’ of a super-fast word game. Race against other players to get rid of all your playing card tiles by creating words, swapping letters and even attacking other players’ words.

Harry Potter Lex-Go

In this special Harry Potter Edition of Lex-Go!, there are special spell tiles to increase your chances of winning:

  • EXPELLIARMUS tile allows a player to mess up another player’s tiles
  • DEPULSO tile allows a player to banish one of their tiles from the round if they need to
  • REVELIO tile allows a player to look at any number of tiles in the draw pile before choosing which to swap
  • STUPEFY tile allows a player to freeze another player out the game for 10 seconds
  • POLYJUICE POTION tile can be used as any letter

RRP £14.99

Age 8+

Available at Waterstones and The Works.co.uk

Harry Potter Lex-Go Competition!

Harry Potter Lex-Go

We have a great competition for our lucky readers to win their very own Harry Potter Lex-Go set!

To win, just fill in the form here, using Harry Potter as your competition keyword.

Alternatively you can enter by sending a postcard with your details and answer to: Minerva Publications, 2nd Floor, County Gate, County Way, Trowbridge BA14 7FJ. Closing date 30 November 2019.

This competition is running across all Minerva Titles.