Hungerford Food Festival’s Chilli Eating Competition

Hungerford Food Festival’s chilli eating competition

The heat is on as Hungerford Food Festival’s chilli-eating competition is back for 2019. 

After the success of last year’s inaugural competition, six brave competitors are invited to battle it out in a bid to see who can handle the hottest chilli. 

Last years competition

The event begins at 3.45pm in the Town Hall as the finale of the Hungerford Food Festival on Sunday, 6th October and contestants (who will have to sign a disclaimer), will face a range of peppers carefully selected by Hungerford Food Festival committee member Simon Flanagan. 

The chillies will begin at a mild heat and will increase in heat based upon the Chilli Pepper Heat Scoville Scale as the rounds progress. The contest will be run across a series of rounds with participants able to withdraw at any stage either during a round or before the next one begins. 

Hungerford Food Festival’s Chilli Eating Competition

Each contestant will receive a single chilli in each round and will be required to eat the entire chilli: flesh, seeds and membrane, but excluding the stalk. Contestants will be allowed to finish any chili remaining in their mouth when time is called after one minute. The winner will be determined by being the last remaining contestant willing to continue in the contest 

The competition will be compered by Hungerford’s own chili maestro Simon Flanagan and the victor will win fizz and chilli goodies. Many thanks to Wiltshire Chilli Farms for sponsoring – be sure to check out their stall at the food festival. To pre-register for the competition please email or register on the day. 

Committee chairwoman Penny Locke said: “We think that the Hungerford Food Festival really does have something for everyone. And if there’s not enough excitement during the day checking out the stalls, workshops, demonstrations and eco events, there will be the chance to watch people undertake a challenge only for the very toughest foodie!” 

Hungerford Food Festival is a family-friendly community event that has been celebrating local food producers and artisans since 2009. The event supports Hungerford Environmental Action Team (HEAT) and is sponsored by Doves Farm, Blandy’s at Inglewood, the Media Marketing Co and Greenham Trust. 

There will be more than 50 stalls, talks, workshops and a sustainability focus – visitors are invited to bring their own tubs and containers to stock up! Find out more about Hungerford Food Festival’s Chilli Eating Competition here –