Improve Your Health Today

Get Healthy

In our ever fast-moving lives, it is easy to fall into bad habits, such as not eating properly, not taking enough exercise and spending too much time using technology. Sometimes even trying to plan times to exercise or prepare a meal can seem too stressful. Fear not, we have some handy tips to help you improve your health.

healthAdopting healthy lifestyle activities and changes and practicing them until they become habits is the best way to improve overall health. Here are 6 easy steps to help you on your way: 

1 . Hot Lemon Water

Hot water with a wedge of lemon gives you a Vitamin C boost, flushes out toxins, kick starts digestion and lemon’s antibacterial properties help the colon too. You can still have your coffee, just make this the first thing you consume. 

2 . Stretch 

Motion is lotion, and even the smallest stretch session before bed can improve sleep and suppleness. Try looking up short 2-3 minute routines online and practising them before bed. 

3. Prep Your Food

Take a quiet moment on the weekend to prep meals for the week ahead – you’re far more likely to stay on track if you’ve got a nutrient-rich meal on hand on a busy Tuesday night. 

4 . Squeeze in a Workout

Most of us are either too time-pressed or anxious to exercise – why not set aside 15 minutes each day for exercise of some kind? It’s an achievable figure and you can vary what you do to keep it interesting – opt for HIIT, bodyweight circuits (press ups, lunges etc), a brisk walk and yoga stretches on a rest day. 

5 . Reduce Your Eating Window

If the thought of low calorie all the time makes you shudder, try instead to reduce your eating window from 11-7pm – this means you’ll have been fasting for 16 hours – great for boosting your body’s repair functions and regulating blood sugar. 

6 . Turn Off Tech 

For good sleep, don’t use your phone for at least an hour before bed. To improve concentration at work, turn your phone to airplane mode for hour-long stretches. 

Walk your way to a Healthier you…

One form of exercise that a lot of us overlook, is walking. Raise your hand if you regularly have a day where you walk for less than an hour? With desk-bound jobs and more sedentary lifestyles, it’s so easy to vegetate. The good news is, walking is very easy to adopt – start with fitting in a brisk 10 minute walk before work, one before eating lunch and one at the end of the day – before you know it, you’ll have clocked an extra 4-5,000 steps a day – benefiting your heart and your muscles. 

healthFor added motivation, we highly recommend using a step counter. Lots of people have asked me about my new fitness tracker, the Fitbit Versa (£199.99). Most mistake it for an Apple watch, but in fact it delivers a lot of the same functions for a fraction of the cost. It’s a stylish smart watch with a calorie counter, inactivity monitor, Bluetooth connectivity, contactless pay facilities and it’s water resistant – plus it has a whole load of fitness options and can give you app notifications from your phone. I like that you can change the watch face and the straps to match your outfit. or John Lewis. 

Fitbit are the industry heavyweights, and it’s little wonder – their tech is easy to use and really gives you that push to make those last 1,000 steps. 

Always consult a medical professional before making any lifestyle changes.