Magic Beyond Belief


Magic has evolved! Phil Wedgbrow is one of the amazing new breed of professional magicians, fusing groundbreaking contemporary magic with traditional conjuring.

Phil performs captivating close-up magic and psychological illusions at weddings, corporate events and private functions. He makes fantasy reality at his fingertips and can even make the magic happen in your hands.

Wedding arrangements can take months of meticulous planning and preparation, but one aspect that is often overlooked is how to entertain the guests during the ‘quiet’ periods, such as when the Bridal party are having photographs taken, in between courses of the wedding breakfast and before the speeches, or whilst the evening guests are arriving. Close-up magic is perfect for weddings, as it requires no formal performing area. Phil can perform around tables, at the bar or even strolling, to ‘mix and mingle’ with your guests.

Phil is one of the finest and most sought after wedding magicians in the country. His close up magic breaks the ice and provides a strong talking point for the guests, bringing together people that may not know each other.

Phil’s enchanting demeanour and fluid style, developed from years of delivering hundreds of magical performances internationally, captivates the crowd and builds up the unique rapport only found in close-up magic. He loves to interact with his audience, his humour and attentiveness complementing this most difficult discipline of magic, bringing it up close and personal as he endeavours to perform appropriate tricks to every guest at your special day.

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