Rob Hobson’s Top Tips to Combat Food Boredom

Rob Hobson’s Top Tips to help stimulate your senses and super-charge the multisensory eating experience from the meals you eat.

FoodEating is the only thing we do that involves all of our senses. Exploring and experimenting with new foods and flavour combinations can heighten the senses, making mealtimes more interesting, pleasurable whilst also helping to combat diet and food fatigue. The senses work both ways and can also encourage negativity around food so use these tips below to create the most enjoyment out of the food you eat.

Add more herbs and spices.

Herbs and spices are a brilliant way to add flavour and colour to meals, whilst also making them smell irresistible. They can be added to absolutely anything from salad dressings (try cumin, coriander, oregano), basic one-pot meals and plain foods such as grilled poultry and fish (which are a great way to tackle diet fatigue for those trying to lose weight), adding an exciting twist to everyday dishes. To really pack a punch, combining various herbs and spices will add a powerful flavour dimension and aroma to your cooking.

Think about sound.

The sound food makes is often overlooked, it helps us to define the experience- crispy, crunchy and crackling sounds whilst biting and chewing foods. You can make meals more ‘soundful’ in many ways such as using nuts and seeds as a topping for salads, roasting canned chickpeas or adding raw cucumber to sandwich fillings.

Combine your textures.

Most dishes become more interesting and complex when there’s a range of textures involved. Tilda Supergrains are a great base for dishes such as curries and stir fries, combining wholemeal rice with crunchy seeds and tender chewy grains. Adding beans, pulses and lentils to soups and stews is a great way to add more texture, while nuts and dried fruits are perfect for topping your salad for an added bite.

FoodMake time for presentation.

Sight is the first sense to be stimulated by food and has a big influence on food perception and choice. Making your dish look good adds to the multisensory enjoyment of eating, so mix it up by choosing a rainbow of colours such as red, orange, yellow, purple and green fruit and veg. Ingredients such as fresh herbs, edible flowers, flavoured oils (drizzled) and brightly coloured dried spices such as paprika also make dishes look really attractive and more enjoyable to eat.

Keep your cupboards stocked.

Healthy eating needn’t be costly or time consuming. By keeping your cupboards stocked with inexpensive  ingredients such as herbs and spices, nuts, seeds, jarred sauces, canned pulses, canned vegetables (such as sweetcorn)  and pouches of Tilda Supergrains you can whip up a delicious dish that hits all of the senses in no time at all.

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