Squire’s employees rewarded for making a difference… and for saving Christmas!

Squire’s Garden Centres has rewarded some of their employees for making a difference to the business.

Squires Garden Centres
L-R: Sarah Squire, Gemma Heslop, John Jary, Kirsty Spurrier, Christmas and wins Squire’s Bethany Courtney, Ben Woolhouse, Annette Siviers, 2019 “Made A Difference” award Rachel Jeffery & Sam Docwra

Each month team members can be nominated by their peers, or by customers, and one person is selected for the “Made A Difference” award. It could be because they offered outstanding customer service, came up with a great idea, went over and above normal duties, or thought of an initiative that has grown or inspired the business.

The 2019 winners were recently thanked with a special lunch served by the management team at Squire’s inBadshot Lea, and the overall winner was also announced – Ben Woolhouse, Garden Furniture Department Head at Squire’s in West Horsley. 

Ben actually won the award twice in 2019, and was chosen as the overall winner due to his outstanding customer service, and always going over and above his normal duties.

The first time he won was in May last year, when he delivered an order directly to a customer late on a Sunday evening. The delivery driver had run out of time, the garden centre was closing, and everyone was going home, but without being asked Ben took the delivery out to the customer, as he had promised that they would have their furniture that day. 

Then on Christmas Eve a lady came into Squire’s with a letter for Santa from her son, who was too ill to come in and see him. The boy was very upset, as he didn’t think that he would get any presents if Santa didn’t have his letter. Unfortunately the grotto had closed at that time, but Ben stepped in, put the Santa outfit on, and had a picture of him taken holding the letter from the little boy.

Squires Garden Centres
Ben Woolhouse saves Christmas and wins Squire’s 2019 “Made A Difference” award

Sarah Squire, Chairman of Squire’s said; “Congratulations to Ben Woolhouse who was the overall winner of our “Made A Difference” awards. He went over and above his normal duties to surprise and delight our customers.I’d like to thank all of our 2019 winners for making a difference to our customers and to the business, and for their commitment, hard work and enthusiasm. They are all great ambassadors for the company.”

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