The Quality Care Guide

Social care has been a headline-grabbing subject in the media for many months, but relating to it in real terms requires more than hyperbole or statistics. When making decisions for a loved one or even anticipating your own future needs, the subject becomes highly emotive and peppered with doubt. Care is a complex business, so we’ve assembled a short guide to give an insight into the many options available.

Retirement Apartments

Retirement apartments have become an excellent option for those looking to downsize from the family home into easily manageable accommodation, centred around more of a community feel. These properties are often purpose built with mobility considerations in mind, alongside having a plethora of amenities available on site for easier day-to-day tasks. If care needs should arise in the future, some even have the option for assisted living.  

Respite Care

Across the UK, there are an estimated ????? carers – many of them foregoing their own needs to tirelessly look after a loved one. Respite care is an essential lifeline for them – allowing them some time to look after themselves. Respite care can be a regular weekly occurrence, or even a longer break away.

Care Homes

As an industry, care homes bear the brunt of negative press where the minority do not follow best practice, resulting in the tarnishing of the whole. There are many excellent establishments out there that can mean your loved one receives the right care in an environment perfectly equipped for their needs. Prior research through bodies like the CQC is advisable and viewing is crucial – as with most things, you will be able to get a feel for the place within a few moments of walking through the door. Don’t be afraid to as lots of questions either – the best homes will to their utmost to allay any fears you have

Care Agencies

When possible, remaining in your own home can be the best solution – not only are the surroundings familiar, but it’s likely family and friends are closer at hand. Care agencies allow

Health Care

We are all guilty of neglecting our health, but for those in care, it is even more important that fundamental things like vision, hearing and general health are regularly checked.