The Real Greek Celebrates the Greek Festival Tsiknopempti

On Thursday 28th February, The Real Greek will be serving up a ‘Mixed Greek Grill’ in order to celebrate the official start of the traditional three-week carnival season in Greece, ahead of Lent.

GreekOn the day of Tsiknopempti, it is tradition to eat large amounts of grilled meats and party infinitely before the fasting begins leading up to Easter.

To celebrate this in the most traditional Greek fashion, The Real Greek will be serving an indulgent meat platter including lamb cutlets, Loukaniko beef & pork sausage, chicken skewers, grilled pork, chicken thighs and lamb kefte, with a generous portion of chips so you won’t be left wanting more.

With Tsiknopempti literally being translated as “tsikna”, the smell of grilling meat, and “Pempti”, Thursday in Greek, the ‘Mixed Greek Grill’ will only be served on the day of the festival – Thursday 28th February.

As with the entire menu, the ‘Mixed Greek Grill’ will be created using premium, wholesome ingredients from Greece and Cyprus. All recipes have been designed alongside Greek Cypriot Tonia Buxton, the face of Greek food in the UK.

The ‘Mixed Greek Grill’ will be served all day at each of the restaurants. The plate will cost £28 and is designed for 2 or more to share.

To book table, please visit their website.